Wake up call, 2020.

4 women wearing face masks

Everyone is hiding behind their masks, buying unnecessary items and stocking up toilet paper while others are dying because of the virus that hit the planet.

Around the end of 2019, a virus called COVID-19 hit the globe, it started in China, now it’s all over the world, It starts with fever, tiredness and a dry cough, it takes 5 to 6 days for the symptoms to show and if your immune system isn’t strong enough, it’ll take you down.

The infected are being treated at hospitals, the deceased are being buried in a cruel manner, with no family around to pray for them, while the rest of the world were asked to stay home, hide from the virus and wait all of this out.

It’s been almost 6 months since it started and earth has never been healthier, Venice canals are clearer after lockdown and fish can finally be seen through the water, animals are roaming in national parks in the USA, The Himalaya Mountains can be seen 125 miles away for the first time in 3 decades, studies even showed that the Ozone hole is healing and has the potential to fully recover and the percentage of air pollution in major cities is seeing a reduction by 60% compared to last year and that’s just in a 3 week period. Earth is finally breathing and everything is returning to its order.

When I sit back and think about it, I see this as a positive situation, a healthy planet = healthy people.

I know that almost 200 thousand people have died, and more than 2.7 million got infected and I feel very sorry for everyone who’s going through this or has lost someone because of this, but sometimes great things come at great cost, I sound like an A-hole saying that what’s happening is good, but when you really think about the future to come, you realize that I’m right.

If you look back into history, you’ll find that almost every 100 years, a disease hits the world, killing thousands even millions of people. Around 1920, the great flu pandemic (aka the Spanish flu) hit the world, killing more than 30 million people worldwide. In 1800’s, the Cholera hit the world, country by country, started in Asia and Europe, year after year, Cholera appeared in a different place, killing thousands of people and these are just two examples out of many (source attached.)

This is a wake-up call to all of us humans, it’s time to start changing and realize that we are killing the earth and if the earth dies, so will we.

Earth is telling us to slow down, to think about the future, if we keep acting the way we do, there will be no future for us nor for our children.

It’s time to start realizing that our actions have consequences, that our actions will be killing us all, when that happens it will be too late to cry for help because we’ve been warned every 100 years and now it’s time to start listening.

Originally published at https://ihssanthinks.blogspot.com on April 24, 2020.



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Ehssan El Medkouri

I read, write, and embarrass myself online. A 24-year-old passionate published author who wants to travel the world and visit every bookshop possible ✨🖤