The world without women.

How would the world be if women stopped existing?

men having fun

I asked my friends on Instagram to give me ideas to write about and I was showered with dozen of ideas, I’ll try to write about each one weekly.

For this week, I chose the idea that my dear friend firadi saad proposed to me, he asked me to write about how I see the world without women.

Let us start with the basics, if women did not exist, men would not exist either since it’s biologically impossible for men to have children and scientists haven’t made an artificial human womb yet, but let’s assume that women suddenly disappear, how long would it take for the human race to go extinct? 80 years? Assuming that the last newborn age to 80.

Can men survive without women? I know that women’s existence is important in society, but there is nothing men can’t do right now, if this scenario were in the ’50s, men would die of hunger.

Would they be able to overcome their sexual urges? As a woman, I cannot answer that because I do not know how it’s like to be a man with sexual feelings, but how long can men go without sex? Would they be able to handle it?

Men can do anything if they put their mind on it and stop being lazy, they would work and lead a normal life but how can they live knowing that they are the last men on earth? How can they live knowing they will not have children nor a legacy to protect? Would they lose hope in living and just stop caring?

I think after 10 years without women they would see that there is no point in working anymore as most men work to provide for their kids, without kids, work would be just a waste of time. They would turn to entertainment and enjoy their last days on earth, would they try to leave a mark on earth? If they did leave a mark, who would it be for?

Now let us imagine the opposite, What would happen if men disappear? I think that the human race would take way more than 80 years to stop existing and here’s why; thanks to men, we have sperm banks all over the world, women would have everything they need to keep the human race alive.

Can women overcome their sexual urges? Yes! I can confidently say yes.

Women can do everything men did before, however, men can’t carry children, therefore men couldn’t have used egg banks to carry on the human race.

Since women will be able to reproduce using the sperm left by men, the human race will go on existing and they would start having male kids again therefore men disappearing would not affect the world at all.

In conclusion, take care of the women in your life; their existence is crucial to the human race!

PS: I targeted this subject from a scientific view, I tried to write using facts, I was not biased to any gender.



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