I Picked Up Knitting As A Hobby

The best thing I’ve ever done.

About 7 years ago, I became friends with a classmate who had this amazing warm fuzzy beanie; I asked her about it and she told me that her grandmother made it for her. I was amazed and inspired, so I rushed to my mother and asked her to teach me.

To my surprise, my mom had saved her knitting needles from where she was my age, and I asked my grandmother for yarn, which she had because she used to make carpets (creative family, right?).

I learned easily because I was so interested in the process, I loved how I could make clothing items from freaking scratch. It was magical. I learned different designs online; I stumbled across amazing people who knit for a living, how amazing is that!!

I became friends with my local yarn store owners; I visit them even when I don’t need yarn; we spend hours talking; they encourage me a lot and offer to help all the time; I visited them today, and we spent one hour talking about yarn, how cool is that! I’m friends with 60-year-olds y’all!!!!

I made my first hat (super ugly), I then moved on to socks which were hard at first but I got the hang of them, I started selling socks to my family members (made me rich for a while, not going to lie).

I made baby socks for my newly born cousins, and beanies for them when they grew up (made their parents pay, of course). I made a freaking Gryffindor scarf for a friend that turned out so beautiful (hi Maha).

When I graduated, I made socks for my favorite teachers; they loved them!!!

What I like the most about knitting is how calm it makes me, how I have to trust the process, and how I feel after I finish a project.

I use knitting as a form of showing my love. If I love you, I will make you something to keep you warm, I personally believe that one of the ways to tell people how you feel is by making them something, If I receive a handmade gift I would lose my shit, I would know how much that person loves me. I want to make someone else feel that way, make them feel special.

When I plan on knitting something for someone I love; I take time to figure out the best color, a color that they would love, then I move on to knitting, which soothes my mood and reminds me of how special that person is.

One of the best items I made was my first Sweater. Oh la la, I love that sweater even though the size was a bit messed up, but I love it because I made it from scratch; I made clothes!!!!

I’m currently starting new projects that I’m so excited about and cannot wait to show you guys, I would definitely share them on my Instagram as I always do.

The reason I shared my story with you is that I want you guys to pick up a hobby that makes your blood boil with excitement, something that would help you mentally, it’s worth it, trust me.



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Ehssan El Medkouri

Ehssan El Medkouri

I read, write, and embarrass myself online. A 24-year-old passionate published author who wants to travel the world and visit every bookshop possible ✨🖤