I Judge Books By Their Cover

Ehssan El Medkouri
3 min readJun 13, 2021

Guide to making your reading experience better.

Before I start, I have a small announcement.
I hate being tied down to a routine and be controlled by schedules and deadlines, so I won’t be posting every weekend. I’ll be posting whenever I manage to write. I want to keep my hobby fun and entertaining not boring and predictable. Love you all xoxo.

As most of you know, I read a lot, and I buy books in bulk. If you follow me on Instagram you would know how I spend my days. Either reading or talking about the new books I bought.

The big question is; how do I choose my books.

I am the kind of person who hates being spoiled, especially in books. When I bought The Salt Line, a friend who was with me at the time read the blurp and told me if it was worth it or not. AND IT WAS because I had no idea what the book was about.

I don’t have a specific favorite genre yet, I read almost everything. I read classics, fiction, self-help, science, non-fiction, mystery, and much more. The only genre I haven’t tried yet is horror, I don’t think I’ll enjoy it, but I might give it a try. This makes me have no limits when it comes to purchasing books, I would literally find a good book anywhere I go.

I believe that the prettiest the cover, the better the story. I once bought a book because it was yellow, I haven’t read it yet but I think it’ll be great. I remember when I bought the DaVinci Code, mom chose it for me because it was big and pretty. You all know how good that book is.

I have a story with every book I bought, and the common thread is that I don’t read the blurp, or I only skim through it.

I love books with interesting titles that catch my attention right away, or that smell great. Yes, I smell books before I get them, not all the time but I do that a lot. It helps me imagine myself reading them, laying in a comfortable position, drinking iced water (stay hydrated y’all).

The reason why I don’t like to know what the book is about is that most blurps spoil most of the book. I don’t even like to know that small event that changed the main character’s life. I want to experience it at the right moment, not anticipate it.

This makes my reading experience much better because I don't know what the story is about. I do the same thing with movies, I never watch trailers, and if I do, I don’t finish them. It contains way too many spoilers.

Next time you are out to get books, pick a book and judge it by its cover and buy it, you will enjoy it way more.

This was a short one, thank you guys for reading, and remember, I’m always open to suggestions. You can contact me on Instagram.

Have a good week and happy pride month ❤



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