How Did My Obsession With Serial Killers And True Crime Start?

My new addiction.

I know this blog was supposed to be up on Monday, but it was my birthday and I wanted to make it special and talk about my favorite subject: Serial killers!

About two years ago, I accidentally stumbled on a Facebook page named ‘The Inexplicable, Crime, and Paranormal Events’, they mostly post true crime stories with details and gruesome images, at first I was like ew that’s disgusting but after a very short while I wanted more, I got hooked, I swear I read most of those posts in the bathroom!

After a week of following the page, a private group popped up on my discovery list and I immediately sent an invitation to join it, it was about true crime but mostly about serial killers. I became obsessed.

I started googling every name that was mentioned in that group, from Edmund Kemper to Jeffery Dahmer, to Ted Bundy, to Dennis Rader (BTK killer) and the list goes on.

A member made a post about the Netflix show called ‘Mindhunter’, it’s a show based on real events based on the book by John Douglas, it’s about two FBI agents who interviewed serial killers to understand why do they become killers, they would study them hoping to use that information to prevent similar crimes from happening in the future, they interviewed Ed Kemper, David Berkowitz, the mass murderer Richard Speck, and even Charles Manson.

They found out that most serial killers had gone through serious childhood trauma and emotional abuse, especially from their mother. For example, Ed Kemper’s mother had neglected and abused him verbally and physically during his entire childhood, even when he was an adult.

I started obsessing over the details and started watching movies based on serial killers such as ‘My friend Dahmer’ and ‘Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile’.

I bet you wonder why I would waste my time on such killers. I simply admired how their brain works, how they didn’t have any mercy on their victims, I feel very sorry for the victims of course, but I was fascinated by their ability to murder again and again.

My favorite serial killer is Edmund Kemper, he killed 10 people including his own mother and paternal grandparents, but I don’t want to get into any details for my weak heart readers, no offense.

I always believe that if Edmund’s mom treated him differently, he would have become a brilliant man, as he was a genius with an IQ of 145. The way he talks makes me want to eat books just so I can reach at least half of his knowledge.

After I finished Mindhunter, I turned into Podcasts, ah heaven!

I listen to ‘The true-crime files’, ‘True crime all the time’, ‘crime junkie’, and more. I love how they cover the details and how invested they get while telling the stories! This will sound weird, but I sleep better after listening to a true-crime podcast than I do when I listen to ocean waves and rain sounds!

I have watched a few documentaries as well, such as ‘the Ted Bundy tapes’, ‘BTK: A killer among us’, ‘The hunt of the BTK killer’, and ‘Kemper on Kemper: Inside the mind of a serial killer’.

I got hooked to unsolved crimes too, I feel so bad for the victims’ families knowing that they will never find the truth and get closure. I always say that if those crimes happened now it would have been a totally different story, with the advanced technology we have no one would get away with a crime that vile.

Learning about all of these evil crimes made me change the way I think, I became more aware of my surrounding; I stopped trusting anyone, even if a good-looking man in a cast needed my help I would run away thanks to Mr. Bundy. It also taught me that you should not trust someone because of their looks or their familial status, after all, Dennis Rader had a family and a home and he still committed all those horrid crimes.

When I told my parents about my new hobby, it petrified them! I don’t blame them lol. They probably take turns sleeping.

Stay safe guys, and don’t trust easily, people can be scary.



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Ehssan El Medkouri

Ehssan El Medkouri

I read, write, and embarrass myself online. A 24-year-old passionate published author who wants to travel the world and visit every bookshop possible ✨🖤