10 Things I Learned From Having Siblings.

How it feels like having siblings.

Before I start, I want to thank every person who was kind enough to respect my decision to take a break. I needed it.

I’m going back to writing weekly, however, I will be posting on weekends instead of Wednesdays as I’m not free during the week anymore.

Ok, let’s get to it.

As most of you know (If you follow me on my personal accounts), I have two siblings, a sister and a brother whom I love dearly.

3 siblings laying in the sun
3 siblings laying in the sun
The gang!

As a middle child, I learned to fight for survival at a very young age. We were like cats and dogs, never on the same page, always at each other’s throats, ready to strike. We don’t hate each other, but we would kill each other for a cookie, a cup of milk, even a loaf of bread.

What I love the most about my upbringing, is that we were so close as kids, we did everything together and still do. My sister and I go eat sushi every time she’s home, my brother and I listen to weird music and dance it out almost every night. We were raised to share everything, even clothes.

I have been thinking of all the things I learned from growing up in a household full of kids, and I can sum it up in these 10 points.

1- Nothing is yours, yet everything is yours: Dad used to say that once something is inside the house, it belonged to everyone. He said that after my brother and I fought for an orange that a neighbor gave to me. TO ME! Yet we shared it. Now I use that phrase against my brother so I can steal his hoodies and shorts and against my sister to steal her jackets.

2- Be nice, or you’ll get a good ass whooping: My siblings and I get into fights very often, which is normal for siblings. However, starting a fight doesn’t mean using our words to hurt each other. We always keep our manners on the table, even when we fight. We were also raised to be nice to everyone not just each other. No matter what you did to me, I’ll be nice.

3- Love comes in different shapes: Do I love my siblings? YES! But it’s a different kind of love that I didn’t know existed. I can kill my brother for cake, but I’ll also kill anyone who dares to touch him. He’s mine to bully. I’m his older sister and my job is to make his life a living hell.

4- Privacy is overrated: Clothes? Shared. Food? Shared. TV? Shared. Phone call with your BFF? Also shared. We grew up in a small house where you could hear what others were doing easily. I didn’t know what privacy was until I started realizing how much suffocated I felt.

5- Snitches will get shunned until proven loyal again: Oh I’ll never forget the day my brother broke my mom’s vintage clock. He was barely 6 and he was into throwing balls at everything. He broke the clock and I covered for him and used it as blackmail for MONTHS! He did everything I wanted, he was my bitch until my sister noticed how nice he was to me and she didn’t blow the whistle either. She protected him from me but more from my mom’s sandals. When my parents finally discovered the broken victim, oh we all heard shit for covering up for each other, yet we still do it now. We got each other’s backs.

6- Your parents don’t hate you, they just forget you exist sometimes: I cannot count how many times mom forgot I was in the house or forgot to save me lunch. Actually, this doesn’t happen just to me, to all of us. It can be hurtful to feel forgotten by your own parents but I think they are outnumbered and have a full plate. Not like me, the kid without lunch (I’m kidding, I am being well-fed, do not call child services).

7- Interrupt and you’ll get the glare of disgust: We were raised to respect anyone who is speaking. Give them time to finish talking then you have the green light to speak. If my brother has to whine about his knee pain or his homework, he has to wait until I’m done explaining to dad the plot of the book I’m reading then he can speak. It’s a rule that all of us respect no matter how urgent your situation is. Oh, the look we gave each other when we get interrupted is priceless. We have to apologize and mean it so the other one can relax their ugly face.

8- Forgiving is easy, apologizing is not: When my sister and I fought (which we did a lot), we would give each other space to process and cool down. We would eventually forget all about it the next day and never bring it up, yet you’d never hear an apology from either of us. We don’t do that anymore, I actually apologize immediately if I realize I offended anyone, that way, they will know how deeply wrong I felt and how I regret what I said. They would also know how to behave if it was the other way around.

9- They’ll miss you the moment you step outside home: When my sister moved out a couple of years ago, my brother and I got so excited about having more space at home. Yet we call her all the time and ask her when she’ll come to visit. But the moment she steps inside, we bombard her with insults asking her to leave (as a joke). Meryem, if you are reading this, don’t forget to bring me my jacket next weekend.

10- Your sibling is your best friend whether you like it or not: no one will listen to you better than your sibling. They always there for you when you need to vent or just chat about anything and everything. I tell my siblings almost everything, about my friendships and relationships. We listen and give advice if needed. We support each other without expecting anything in return.

I’ve been wanting to write about my siblings for a long time. They mean the world to me and I like to include them in almost everything. What about you? Do you have siblings? If you do, how is your experience going? If you don’t, do you wish you had a sibling, or do you enjoy your freedom lol?

Thank you for reading, now go slap your sibling.

I post every once in a while about different subjects! Enjoy!